Friday, July 6, 2012

H is for happy

Are you worried or stressed out ? Don't be try our new stress hat, garented to make the stress go away and instant happiness appear!You'll be in your happy place soon!


 That was stupid, but you should really try to
make your self happy by going to the spa, or watching the game,just relax and have some alone time, whatever makes you happy do it, give your self a break from stress , the oldest man was asked what is your secret how are you in such good shape yet so old all he replyed was "not being stressed "maby by the time you are happy your mind will be here :

G is for grace

have you ever heard the tearm "I never said my middle name was Grace" well cant truthfully say it I would be lying because my middle name is Grace.grace isn't just a name it is also a way like in this sentence "The swan swam through the pond with grace." in that sentence grace is used to mean gently and beautifully.

Monday, February 27, 2012

science project 9

I think my project was fun and it was interesting to learn that the gum base was made of plastics and rubbers. I think my project could have been improved if I used some thing other than soda to try and dissolve the gum. If you are thinking of doing this project I suggest that you use some thing other than soda such as gasoline, dry ice in watter (hot), etc.
If I were to do my project again I would try to melt the gum instead of try to dissolve it.

science project 8

my experiment resulted very different from my hypothesis I thought that Pepsi would dissolve the gum the fastest due to the acids in the bottle. As it turned out the only thing the soda dissolved was the hard shell, the reason being the gum base is made of plastics and rubbers there for a hard substance to dissolve and the acids in sodas are weak dissolving acids so that they do not dissolve or damage your digestive system.

science project 7

science project 6

   after waiting on my experiment for three weeks  nothing came of it besides the gums hard shell nothing dissolved so I went on line and found that none of the acids in the sodas I used would dissolve the plastics and rubbers the gum base is made of.

science project 5

        1. fill four Gerber cups  with a different kind of soda
        2. place piece of Eclipse gum
        3. label Gerber cups
        4. check back and record data

Monday, February 13, 2012

science project 4

           1 BOTTLE PEPSI
           1 BOTTLE SUNKIST
           1 BOTTLE 7UP
           1 BOTTLE MTN DEW
           1 PACK ECLIPSE GUM

science project 3

What I found is that the gum base is made up of plastics and rubbers! then looking at the ingredients for acids this is what I found

PEPSI       SUNKIST      7UP       MTN DEW
Phosphoric        citric and         citric acid       citric acid
and citric acid  ascorbic acid
                        (ascorbic acid was
                         only used to keep

Using this data I predict that Pepsi will be the soda able to disolve the gum fastest because it has the most acid that is not used to only preserve.         

science project 2

I thought it would be fun to test what soda dissolves gum fastest for my project because my mom and I always chew gum.I wondered if a liquid can completely dissolve gum.I decided that I should use soda being it would most likely be able to dissolve the gum.I chose four sodas Pepsi, Sunkist, 7up, and Mtn Dew and got a pack of eclipse gum for my experiment.To form my hypothesis I had to find what the gum base was made of and what acid dissolves it then I would look at the ingredients on the soda bottle.

science project 1


 Which soda Pepsi, Sunkist, 7up, or Mtn Dew dissolves eclipse gum in the least amount of time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

F is for Faith

Friends are always there At the best of times In the best of ways To to spread the best of joy and always Have a helping hand when it is needed

look at all the capatlized letters in the paragraph above what do they spell ?

Thats right FAITH! Faith is the key to life faith in yourself, your family, and friends.

Friday, February 3, 2012

E is for elegant


Have you ever thought about how the nature has the best brush, the best stroke, and the best art of all. No one could compare to the earth's land scape, sky, trees, and flowers to me it is the best panting of all.

D is for doing

Never ending

Doing is not just an action doing is a style a life's desire when I say that I mean it. in our life we all want to do outrageous, intelligent, never ending good don't we, I know I do but some times it is hard but today try to let DOING be in your soul.